ACT College Readiness Program

Pine Forge Academy boasts a rich legacy of academically gifted individuals that exemplify our motto, “excellence is no accident.”  As we continue with this trend, our goal is to equip students to compete and succeed by educating them for a lifetime by preparing them for every moment. At the request of Principal Campbell, a standardized test preparation program was designed to address this initiative.

In 2012 the ACT College Readiness Track was implemented, which is inclusive of the EXPLORE and PLAN tests.  In this program, PFA 9th and 10th grade students are assessed twice a year to determine their degree of college readiness as well as the efficacy of our academic instruction.  Data from these tests is used to enhance and remediate the students, preparing them to achieve scholarship eligible scores by their junior year at the Academy.

This year as we began equipping our senior class for post-secondary education, we once again reflected on our motto, “excellence is no accident,” and collaboratively decided to extend our current program to offer an 11-week ACT intensive that would target the December 15th test date.  Under the coordination of Renee Whiting, Guidance Counselor/Learning Specialist, along with the assistance of Principal Delmas Campbell, Neil Thomas, Michael Jones, Stewart Jenkins, and Wayne Henry, we were able to design and create a program that became an academic experience.  It has been our privilege to service more than 60 students (sophomores through seniors) on a weekly basis, culminating in 62 students currently registered for the December test.

In Deuteronomy 28:13, God promises that He will make us the head and not the tail and that we will be above all if we adhere to His commands.  At Pine Forge Academy we implicitly trust the promises of God as we educate His children.  Join with us as we pray for the success of our students on December 15, 2013 as we continue to make excellence a tangible reality for every student.

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