Can’t Tie Down Our Wings! Go Falcons!

Written by Aston Waite
Class of 2016

The Pine Forge Boys Varsity basketball team is looking to repeat their Penn-Jersey Championship win, showing the league why they are #1. There have been many triumphs, upsets, and close calls this season, but the boys’ team has effectively managed to come out on top thus far.

varsitySitting with only one loss this season, the Falcons have been able to adjust quickly from the loss of last year’s seniors by adding substantial adjustments in order to not lose momentum. Newcomer Glevon Burke states, “I like the new experience. Moving from Junior Varsity to Varsity is a big accomplishment, and I’m glad all the work I put in paid off. Varsity is like family, we work together, play together, celebrating life success together. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine anything better.”
The crowd has gotten interactive with the players as well. From the custom made PFA t-shirts to the energetic school chants, it is clear that the students, faculty, and any other supporter of the Falcons like what they see. Pine Forge has been undefeated on their home court, and the nail biting games have made the crowd even more hyped than ever before.

studentsBeloved history teacher and Pine Forge’s #1 fan, Mrs. Vanessa Wilson exclaims: “I like the chemistry, brotherhood, and the plays drawn so when implemented, they are crashing the boards and executing strategies well. I LOVE it!  Win or lose, we WILL be strong supporters. Initially, coming here, I thought the school spirit was dead, and I wanted to bring about awareness on what school spirit was about, so even in my absence, the students would be able to carry on the pride. I feel like I set and revived a precedent for the school to look after and because of that, we are united.”

This year the playoffs for the Falcons were at home, so they were able to receive full support from the school body. Now, the Boys’ Varsity Falcons are facing the Penn-Jersey Championship Game this evening. Whether they win or lose, fans and players will still be encouraged to show good sportsmanship, because through it all, they will be back for more next year.  The efforts in the Falcons’ sports endeavors have shown everyone why the community has “PFA in their DNA!”

Congratulations to all PFA sports teams for displaying athletic excellence this school year, and congratulations in advance for the exceptional, if not, better effort that will be shown next year!

Lady’s Varsity Falcons
*Season Ended

Junior Varsity Falcons
*Season Ended

Boys Varsity Falcons

Tonight’s Game:
February 10, 2016
PJAA Championship

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