Grant Writing Opportunity is Favored on Pine Forge Academy Math Department

Written By Vanessa Wilson
SPARKS Advisor

Dierra Robin, Math Teacher, recognized a need to further develop her students, following her attendance at the Loma Linda STEM EXSEED Academy on July 13-17, 2015.  By virtue of this program, Ms. Robin submitted a grant for a project entitled: The Mathematical Model of a Healthy Lifestyle. This project will give students the opportunity to mathematically analyze the impact of a healthy lifestyle at Pine Forge Academy.

Her diligence consequently, led to her being declared a grant winner… “To God be the Glory.”  The grant award will provide students with much needed calculators in the Math Department.  This addition will aide tremendously with the hands-on, engaging instruction provided by the ‘NUMB3RS’ trio, Dierra Robin, O’Shayne Rankine, and Norman Niles, Distance Learning Consultant.

The Journey to Excellence goal of education within Adventist educational systems is not just limited to K-12 students, but rather it extends through collegiate studies.  Loma Linda University has partnered with Andrews University, Kettering College, La Sierra University, Pacific Union College, and Walla Walla University to bring STEM awareness to the forefront of classrooms universally.

The woes of Adventist educators not being equipped are not insurmountable; it requires deep, personal drive and determination to attain greatness for you and those served, as we are in the vineyard of helping students EXCEED mediocrity!

The acronym EXSEED stands for ~Excellence in STEM Experiential Education.  It is an innovative, collaborative program designed to enhance integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education.

EXSEED’s purpose is to collaboratively support and empower educators in teaching the STEM disciplines within a mission-focused learning context.  Moreover, the intent of the program is to foster, advocate, create, provide and develop a culture of service, while encouraging the pursuit of wisdom through the examples of Jesus Christ who lived to bring hope, healing, restoration, and happiness to humanity.

Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service. ~Martin Luther King~

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  1. Congrats Dierra and the entire math team!!

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