PFA Welcomes New Athletic Director

Pine Forge Academy proudly welcomes Jasmine Johnson as its new Athletic Director.  Johnson graciously accepts the baton for her second love, sports, and feels that it is an excellent way for students to grow emotionally and as an individual.

A graduate of Takoma Academy, Johnson credits athletics as playing a major role in helping her to prepare for college and the adult world.  Playing sports and receiving lessons from her coaches became instrumental as she developed skills in time management, problem solving, delegation, motivation, and team building.

At present, Johnson serves as the Chair of the History Department and is a member of the Dean’s Council. Prior to moving to Pine Forge, PA, Johnson was a faculty member at Richmond Academy where she taught history for three years.

The Falcons Athletic Department’s philosophy is that the student-athlete’s pursuits on the field should be equally measured with those off the field.  To this end, PFA athletes should pursue personal growth through academic work, team experiences, and serve as ambassadors of our community.

The department strives to maintain an outstanding athletics program, conducted in a manner that sets an example of good sportsmanship and a sense of ethical responsibility. Moreover, PFA prides itself in the structural education of its student-athletes, and in the continuance of developing, nurturing, affirming and equipping students through social and religious activities.

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