SPARKS: Prayers for PFA’s “Science Guru” Extraordinaire

Written by Vanessa Wilson
SPARKS Advisor

Beloved teacher, Melcher Monk, has suffered with an ailment for years without murmuring or complaining.  Throughout the adversities of his pains, he persevered, trusted in God, and wanted the best for his students; thus providing them with practical science lessons to enrich their love for the subject.

After such a long, uncalculated, almost never-ending wait, God, the Greatest Physician, saw fit for His child to no longer endure any suffering as he was able to receive the medical attention needed on Thursday, December 3rd under the guise of God Almighty through the medical team at University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

We pray Godspeed upon Mr. Monk’s continued healing and look forward to his hasty return.  Moreover, we are eagerly awaiting the day when our Lord and Savior will come back to take each of us home with Him; whereby, our characters and bodies will undergo total transformation.

Please continue to keep Mr. Monk and his family in your daily prayers.

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