Science Department Upgrades

The Pine Forge Academy Science Department recently acquired new equipment to support the science education taught at the school. Four portable science lab workstations, twelve portable micro-burners, additional safety supplies, and Chemistry and Physics kits with the most up-to-date scientific discoveries were purchased. Funding for this $15,000 venture was a joint effort between the Administration of the school, the Parent Association, and a member of the PFA Board.

Students at Pine Forge Academy currently take at least three science courses in order to graduate and they include Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology. Conceptual Physics and Environmental Science are to be added to the offerings.

The Chair of the Department, Mr. Neil Thomas, says that “we believe that an intentional exposure of our students to quality education in our math and science offerings will positively impact the SAT and ACT scores, inspire more students to science related careers, produce a well-rounded student with enhanced critical thinking skills, and create informed students about the technological and natural world that we live in.”

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