A Year in Review

Dear Pine Forge Academy Friends and Family,

Thank you for welcoming me into your community and family. During this school year, I have had the opportunity to observe while making key internal improvements to our school design.

I have learned that excellence is bred deeply within you, nurtured by a rich heritage of thinkers, achievers, believers and doers of the Word. I have been inspired by the brilliance God has placed within you. Endowed with a myriad of diverse gifts and talents, each member of the vast Pine Forge Academy network possesses a God-inspired competency that is unparalleled and incomparable. I am honored to labor among you in our mutual work.

We have endured significant triumphs and challenges during the 2014-2015 school year.  We thank God for our successes: more than three-quarters of the student population earned academic honors; the soccer team placed as semi-finalists for the championship and the Penn-Jersey championship won by the boys varsity basketball team; new e-publication of the SPARKS; donated dollars, restrooms and computers; an outstanding choir performance at the 40th Anniversary of Breath of Life and on Hope Channel’s “Let’s Pray”; an equally outstanding Creative Arts performance at the BAMA Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tribute and Chicago Youth Federation Rally; a student enrollment increase of 20%; the arrival of talented new faculty and the departure of beloved Pine Forge stalwarts; donation from 100% of PFA Board and Faculty members to the annual fundraising campaign; and the establishment of new organizational structures and strategic plans for the posterity of our great institution.

Together we have withstood the storms of life, the winds and rain that teach us resilience and reliance on the Lord. The fire in Kimbrough Hall united the Ladies of Virtue. The cyber threat could not repress our determination and dedication. Weeks of hard bleacher seats and frosty Sabbath walks to our temporary gymnasium sanctuary did not extinguish the light of the Lord within us. We excelled despite it all.

Faculty and staff, I thank you for a year of change management and transition. What a gifted and honorable team. It is a pleasure to co-labor with you.

Underclassmen, I challenge you to continue to “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” You are not what you think you are; but what you think, you are. Cherish thoughts that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.

Seniors, I wish I could have met you in your freshman year! As you leave this place, may you go on to do great works in every other place you land. May you be a blessing to the hearts and minds of every person whom you touch. May you achieve the greatness God has in store for you.

As I enter into my second year as your Headmistress, I would like to continue our road to excellence sharing with you our strategies for success.

Please take a look at the most recent draft of the new Pine Forge Academy Strategic Plan. Upon Pine Forge Academy Board of Trustees approval, the Pine Forge Academy Faculty & Staff will develop annual action plans to support our endeavors. (The blank action plans inside the document are intentional.)

Review our new organizational chart for 2015-2016.

Send a welcome message to our newly installed 70th Anniversary Committee chairperson.

Or bless us with a dollar or two!

In all things, be blessed!

Nicole Falconer

5 Responses to "A Year in Review"

  1. Headmistress Falconer,

    I have reviewed your strategic plan and want to congratulate you on the thoroughness, professionalism, and breath of the document. You have developed fantastic plan, now I wish you God’s blessings as you finalize it and begin implementation. If we can help from the NAD, let me know!

    Larry Blackmer,
    Vice President,
    NAD Office of Education

  2. Thank you for projecting a vibrant, vigorous, and compelling vision for PFA, wholly consistent and fully aligned with the institution’s mission. The strategic plan proffered is one that, as enacted and realized, will continue to move the academy to positions of strength in facilitaing students’ spiritual, academic, and social growth. Kudos!

  3. Your Strategic Plan is work in progress. It leaves open many options that the academy has to face to make the reality just that a reality. If we invest our finance, heart, spririt and mind together, we can make things happen. I support the Strategic Plan that has been put together and will rally behind it with the support of the Parent Association.

  4. as a prospective Parent I am impressed with the strategic plan. This is ambitions and I will follow to see how some of these goals are accomplished.

  5. Your thoughtful retrospective of the year is informative, thorough and hopeful as it looks to future years. I commend you also on having completed a successful first year at PFA. It is clear that your strategic plan is an ongoing product of foresight, keen analysis and team work. Having been part of a team that sought to create a strategic plan at other institutions, I can attest to the challenges of such a process. Leadership is key in developing a useful strategic plan, and PFA is clearly well on its way to being able to implement a strategic plan that will set the course for a dynamic future for all of its stakeholders.

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