Henry J Fordham, III

hfordhamElder Henry J. Fordham, III attended Pine Forge Academy; however, graduated from Oakwood Academy in 1961.  He also attended Benjamin Franklin School of Science and Arts and was certified as an X-Ray Technician.  Shortly after this, he married Sharon Elaine Wright.  Together, the two started a family in Germantown, OH, and were blessed with three sons and one daughter, who is deceased.  At this point in Elder Fordham’s life, he expected to quietly live and raise his family in this rural area of Ohio, but his life would soon change quite drastically.

Shortly after the birth of his last child, he felt that the Holy Spirit wanted him to join the ministry, and in 1970 he and his family moved to Huntsville, AL, so that he might attend Oakwood University – “God’s School.”

In 1973, Elder Fordham graduated with a double major in History and Theology.  Almost immediately he enrolled in the graduate program at Ohio State University and received a Master’s degree in Jewish history.  In the fall of 1974, he was hired as a teacher by Pine Forge Academy and taught several subjects which included: history, world culture, Bible and art.  He continued to teach until 1976 when he was called to the ministry by Elder Luther R. Palmer.  After much fasting and praying, he accepted this call and was finally ordained in 1979.

Elder Fordham has pastored the following churches: Sharon Temple Church of Wilmington, DE; Emmanuel in Brinklow, MD/Berryville, Virginia/Frederick, MD district; and Berea Temple in Baltimore, MD.  From Berea Temple, Elder Fordham was elected by the constituency to serve as the Ministerial Secretary, Personal Ministries Director and the Director for Religious Liberty for the Allegheny East Conference Corporation.  It was while serving in this capacity, that he was also assigned to serve as interim pastor of several of the conference churches, which included Capital Hill in Washington, DC; Dupont Park in Washington, DC; Trinity Temple in Newark, NJ; Cedars of Lebanon in Chesapeake, VA; and again Emmanuel in Brinklow, MD.  Elder Fordham is privileged to have evangelized in South Africa; East Africa; West Africa; England; Australia; Puerto Rico; Bogotá Columbia in South America.  He also participated in several campaigns in India and had the honor of personally meeting Mother Theresa in Calcutta.

Elder Fordham has served on several committees with the Allegheny East Conference Corporation, the Columbia Union, and also on the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Communications Commission.  He has also been awarded several commendations from the political establishments of the Maryland area for his work in the community which includes commendations from Mayor Kurt Schmoke of Baltimore City, and also from the U.S. Congress House of Representatives, and the Honorable Kwasi Mfume, Democrat from Maryland.  He has served as Mayor for the day in Preston, England and was declared a Distinguished Citizen of Louisville, Kentucky by its mayor, David L. Amstrong.

On December 10, 2010, Elder Fordham was awarded a Doctorate in Theology after successfully completing The United Theological Research University’s, External Studies and Research scheme as prescribed by the University, which has approved accreditation by Berkeley University, California.

On October 14, 2012, Elder Henry J. Fordham, III was elected to serve as the president of the Allegheny East Conference. Through his life, Elder Fordham has continued to prove that “We can build on the possibilities and make them realities and by the sweat of our brow and the execution of our faith, we will not only become the avant-garde of our time, but also the children of our Most High God!”

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