We welcome talented individuals, whose goals are to provide a Christ-centered, safe, caring environment, to prepare students spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially for service to God and man. Candidates should have a desire to succeed. Pine Forge Academy is not just where you will work, it will also be your home, and as a member of our faculty and staff you will be a part of a family of excellence.

WANT to apply?

  1. Submit an Allegheny East Conference Employment Application
  2. Send letter of interest with current resume to (please include your name on each document)

WANT to be a PFA Teammate?Take a look at the resources we use to build a strong culture!

  1. Education by Ellen G. White
  2. Myers Briggs Work Profile Assessment
  3. Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  4. The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni
  5. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

WHAT can you expect on a PFA finalist interview? Take a look at the interview phases for teaching finalists.

  1. Content Assessment Teacher will complete a 30 minute assessment in their content area.
  2. Teacher Case Study Teacher will read a teaching case study and complete the discussion questions in a mini-essay.
  3. Demo Lesson Teacher will complete a 20 minute teaching demo lesson. Teacher will have 10 minutes to complete final preparations.
  4. Demo Lesson Review Teacher discusses the demo lesson with the principal or the interview panel.
  5. Panel or Principal Interview Teacher participates in a panel or principal interview.

HOW do we observe and evaluate PFA faculty? Review the tools we use to develop and coach teachers.

  1. Columbia Union Office of Education Teacher Certification and Other Resources
  2. Charlotte Danielson Evaluation Tool

WHAT are our elements of quality teaching and learning? Here are our requirements – from the educational experts!

  1. Black Board Configuration
  2. Do Now
  3. Lesson Plan Steps & Phases
  4. Exit Ticket
  5. Data Driven Instructional Techniques
  6. ACT College Readiness Standards