Student Life


Social Events

The Academy calendar is filled with a variety of activities and social events ranging from trips to the mall, amusement parks, and botanical gardens to bowling, skating, and seeing professional basketball games.  Our formal affairs include the Christmas and Sweetheart Banquets alternately planned by the dormitories as well as the Junior-Senior Banquet planned by the junior class.


Community Service

The purpose of Community Service is to nurture a Christ-like spirit through unselfish acts of kindness; thereby, heightening each student’s moral and Christian obligation to help the less fortunate. Pine Forge Academy students are required to perform a minimum of 25 hours of community service each year they are enrolled at the Academy.


Leadership Development

The Academy is committed to broadening each student’s horizon as they develop into mature, independent young adults.  Our mission is to provide a variety of programs and activities that will encourage our students to assume various leadership roles and positions as they serve as role models to their peers and cooperate with the Administration in the governance of the Academy.


Spiritual Life

Under the leadership of the school chaplain, the Office of Spiritual Life provides weekly services structured to meet the spiritual needs of our students.  In addition to the events coordinated by the Office of Spiritual Life, each dormitory also provides daily worship for the students.

Student Organizations

  • Dormitory Club
  • SPARKS (school newspaper)
  • FLAME (school yearbook)
  • National Honors Society
  • United Student Movement
  • Cheerleading
  • Stomptricity (Step Team)