Hard Loss, But a Fun Game: Handy Hall Classic Recap

Written By Aston Waite
Class of 2016

The stage was set. Everyone was in attendance. Tipoff!┬áIn an epic match that displayed hard work, team work and chemistry, the Pine Forge Falcons fell short to the Hill School Blues in the annual “Handy Hall Classic” of Handy Hall Weekend. With exceptional performances from the players, such as Mark Washington, Jair Johnson, and Patrick Jones, it was not enough to hold them off. It was a hard fought battle and a good reality check for the Falcons, who were just preparing for their Championship game.

Despite defeat, the crowd was still right by their side. Students, as well as teachers, cheered the Falcons on as the played against their opponent. Chants were heavily said as the Pine Forge community danced throughout the game. Some of the students from the Hill School even participated because they couldn’t help but join in on the fun. The whole game was filled with excitement, and everyone showed good sportsmanship that night. On that Saturday night, Pine Forge really expressed what it meant to be a Falcon.

Basketball seasons come and go. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun, and that’s exactly what the Falcons did. Rock the Green and White!

Photo Credit: Reyna Patterson – Class of 2017

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