Holiday Greetings from SPARKS Advisor

Imagine a nation where people did not bother to express gratitude. Imagine a society devoid of benevolence and humility. Unlike what some people believe, Thanksgiving is not a binge fest. Yes, the meal is a bit much. The dinner table is usually groaning with the weight of the food. With the abundance of delicious food, it is understandable why people give their weighing scales a holiday.

The underlying philosophy behind the Thanksgiving celebration is to offer thanks to God. You don’t realize how fortunate you are to be blessed with abundant food, and a loving family. Thanksgiving gives you an opportunity to express gratitude. Millions of American families will join their hands in prayer to say grace. Thanksgiving is integral to the American culture.

On Thanksgiving, say a prayer of thanks to the Almighty, for the bountiful gifts bestowed upon you. Many years ago, the Pilgrims of Plymouth did so. They shared their food with the natives of the land, who had helped them in times of misery. The tradition of sharing the Thanksgiving meal continues even today.

In honor of that tradition, share your gifts with friends and family. Spread the message of gratitude and kindness with inspirational quotes for Thanksgiving. Your heartfelt words can inspire your loved ones to make Thanksgiving a festival of generosity and love. Change people forever with these inspiring words. Most importantly, thank God for making it possible. Were it not for Him, none of God’s abundances would be possible.

O give thanks unto the Lord!


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