Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Written by Savannah Anderson
Class of 2018

This past Friday, Pine Forge Academy, Blue Mountain Academy, Reading Junior Academy, Jessie R. Wagner Elementary School and Pine Forge community members put love into action by giving to those who suffered loss from Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Under the coordination of Chaplain Caine and Chaplain Wilson, 9,650 care packages were prepared for the victims of the Hurricane. It was a blessing to see everyone come together and follow the example of Jesus by giving unto those in need.

Video Credits: Lincoln Fields
Photography Credits: Lincoln Fields
Lead Vocalist: Kennedi Brissett
Pianist: Jarrett Roseborough

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  1. Yesterday I came back home and sitting on my front porch was a care package from Pine Forge Academy. Let me say this first, after the flood my work stopped, I lost my car and only just got a new job and still have been down in the dumps. I looked in the bag and not only found things I needed but the simple fact that someone remembers us down here and cares enough to help has brightened my outlook a bit. So I give you a heartfelt, Thank you.

    Someone on Orange St. In Beaumont, Texas.

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