Parents’ Weekend Recap

Written by Savannah Anderson
Class of 2017

This past weekend was the first Parents’ Weekend of the 2017-2018 school year. Parents’ weekend gives parents the opportunity to review the academic strides that their child has made for the current year. Not only does Parents’ weekend serve as a spotlight for academic achievements, it also highlights the creative aspect of student life.

On Friday, October 27th, parents met with teachers to discuss the academic progress of their child.  Later that evening students showcased their creative talents and skills through the Creative Arts Drama Ministry, the Pine Forge Academy Choir, and string ensembles.

On Sabbath, select seniors and their families led out during Divine Worship and Dr. Michael Allen spoke on Fruits of Nature and Fruits of the Spirit. Sabbath evening marked the next milestone for the Auspicious Class of 2017 in the form of Senior Presentation.  During this time the seniors share a reflection on their experience at PFA and affirm their goals for their final year. Senior Presentation also highlights a select group of juniors, known as honor guards.  These juniors serve as the vanguard for the processional and represent the highest ranking students in their class.

The speaker for senior presentation was Pastor Colby Matlock Sr; his message encouraged the seniors to review the legacy they are leaving at PFA as they wrap up their final year. He also reminded the seniors that a true legacy is not found in things but in the people you positively impact.

The weekend concluded with a parent administration dialogue and parent teacher conferences on Sunday, October 29th.

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