PFA Math Scholars Participate in Road Math Initiative

Written by Vanessa Wilson
Sparks Advisor

IMG_0174Wednesday, January 11, 2017, under the auspices of Jaymie Pottinger, School Culture Vice Principal, birthed a Student Support Math Intervention Team to assist students in grades 6-8 at Trinity Temple Academy in Hillside, New Jersey with their Math programs.   As we continue to embark upon this educational excursion, we anticipate our travels will extend throughout Allegheny East Conference and other neighboring elementary institutions.

The Math Intervention Team seeks to provide access to the most rigorous content possible where the student is likely to be successful and continue to build on concepts introduced in elementary school and provides the foundation for Algebra and beyond.


The mathematical talents of our advanced ‘NUMB3RS’ scholars were:  Clifford Fields, Jazymne Lavalas, Jonas Clarke, Michael Williams, and their ably instructor O’Shayne Rankine.  Together they worked one-on-one with students as they introduced and explored variations of mathematical models, concepts, and applications.

IMG_0176The guiding principles for Mathematics are focus, coherence, and rigor.  These are the premises we seek to develop in our student offerings.  Pine Forge Academy prides itself on providing multiple pathways for students to access challenging courses in mathematics, preparing them to be college and career-ready.

Vice Principal Pottinger says, “We are excited to introduce rigorous math concepts to our sister schools and pray that our efforts are helpful to those served.”

“If you wish to learn swimming you have to go into the water and if you wish to become a problem solver you have to solve problems.”   -George Polya


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