Pine Forge Academy Commits to Investing In Its Teachers

Written By Vanessa Wilson
Sparks Advisor

Continuous learning is the incessant vision of Headmistress Nicole Hughes.  It is also her belief that there is always room to learn, grow, and improve at each stage of one’s career which solidifies her push of prioritizing and investing in unparalleled professional development for her staff through on-going coaching, school-wide training, national conferences and retreats.

IMG_5513July 24-27, 2016, Pine Forge Academy administrators and faculty were in attendance at the Better Together KIPP School Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.  Among those were:  Kris Fielder (Interim Principal), Jaymie Pottinger (Interim Vice Principal), O’Shayne Rankine (Math Instructor), Vanessa Wilson (History Instructor), Marqwan Sirls (English Instructor), Maria Romero (Spanish Instructor), Kamryn Bonds (Guidance Counselor), and LaRhonda McKnight (Dean of Instruction).

Effective learning is a powerful inoculation against patterns of low achievement and social challenges that scholars too often encounter; thus, adequate preparation and training are paramount to the Pine Forge community.  For nearly seventy years, the Academy has been intentional about the intellectually rigorous experience it offers its scholars, one that challenges students and taps into the innate strengths of the learners shaping the way they learn, think and interact with their peers.  A great education transforms lives and great schools transform the entire community.

IMG_5509The premise of this summit redefined how to master the art of teaching, build, lead, and support students outside the classroom; all leading to demonstrated competencies, measuring success, encompassing student focus, relationship building, direction-setting, performance management and driving results of learning.  Testimonials echoed by each attendee mirrored how fortunate the opportunity was to network with other professionals, learn, recharge instructional batteries, and embrace the possible; all students are able to learn.  The representing team feels better equipped with the necessary tools to deliver continued excellence to scholars throughout their educational pursuits.

History Instructor, Vanessa Wilson believes “the best way to obtain empowerment is
through the power of education.


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