SPARKS, A Reflection

Written by Taylor Roper
Class of 2016

Marguerite Anderson Dixon attended the formerly called Pine Forge Institute from 1946-1947, the school’s debut year. In 1947 Dixon became the first graduate of the school as well as its first valedictorian. The name “Sparks” came from the erudite mind of this magnificent woman. It was based on the fact that the Manor House, the original girls’ dormitory, was built on the property of a former iron forge. When a blacksmith is melding metal, sparks have to be formed in order to forge the metal into the desired shape.

Today, we are reminded that there are still “sparks” on these grounds, but these “sparks” are forging the characters of the current students. God has a specific plan for us, and he is constantly trying to help us become the people He knows we can be. God is our blacksmith, and Pine Forge is just one of the many tools being used to forge our character. Each of us is embarking on our own journey. We all are going to go through hard, trying times; however, it is from these “sparks” that our character is forged.

God knows how long and how hard we need to be hit in order for our character to move and mold into the design He intended for us. Every piece of metal God forges is done so with a specific purpose in mind; therefore, every obstacle we go through has a purpose that is designed to help forge our character and purify it.

Though Marguerite Dixon did not come up with the name “Sparks” with this meaning in mind, I believe my grandmother’s choice was given to her by God as a premonition of His plans for this school. Just remember that you are here because God is trying to forge you into the person He called you to be.

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