Winter 2014 – Volume 1 Issue 1

On behalf of Ms. LaRhonda McKnight, editor of the SPARKS, the administration is proud to announce and present the revised edition of this PFA publication. Prior to this school year, the SPARKS was published in a newspaper format and for several years there was no publication.

Now, we take pleasure in launching the first e-Magazine of the SPARKS. The SPARKS captures the activities, programs, and the day-to-day experiences of the Academy while showcasing the accomplishments and successes of our alumni.

Special recognition goes to Ms. LaRhonda McKnight for her tireless efforts and diligent commitment in seeing this project from its conception to its completion and launch. Thanks also to Ms. Freda James for her assistance and invaluable contributions to this project.

Download SPARKS e-Magazine Volume 1 Issue 01

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2 Responses to "Winter 2014 – Volume 1 Issue 1"

  1. What a wonderfully informative e-magazine!! From the professional looking photographs, to the articles, and the layout–it all looks top-notch and worthy of our illustrious school. I’m glad the “Sparks” is back! Well done!

  2. From one former editor of the “Sparks” I want to say how proud I am to see our school paper back online. I second Debra’s remarks. Keep up the good work. The Sparks staff of my day never had the time to accomplish all you have done. We could tell the story with a concentration of words or pictures not both. Thank you for your sacrifice of time and exuberant display of talent.

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