Dare to be a Daniel

In January, during Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, Chaplain Toussaint Williams challenged the student body to participate in a 14-day challenge. Daniel chapter 1 talks about how the Hebrew boys were found to exceed the other young men greatly because they remained true to God and watched their appetite. Pine Forge Academy believes the same can be achieved by its students.

The students are striving to cut out sweets and juices from their daily diets and spend more time with God. Some students are making their own personal goals such as abstaining from secular music. Miata Smith, a freshmen participating in the “Daniel Challenge”, states that “besides the healthy benefits, I’m learning how to gain self-control and grow healthier physically, spiritually, and mentally.” Let’s pray for our young people as they, by the grace of God, prepare to become a people that will stand though the heavens fall.

Pictured Above:
Back Row L to R – Ronald Lewis, Alexandria Brooks, Johnathan Dixon, Terry Williams, Gionelly Mills, Miata Smith, Chaplain Williams, Rianna Christian
Front Row  L to R – Cory Chrysostom, Breanu Williams, Kirlann Danclar, Deonna Washington, Jasmine Achoki, Jewell Lavalas

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