2014 Jr-Sr Banquet

DSC_0108It was a setting that awed the imagination: clear blue skies dotted by soft white clouds accompanied by a gently, balmy spring breeze.  We knew that we were in for a delighted treat and that our senses would be tantalized by a delicate display of charm, grace, and elegance. The 2014 Junior-Senior Banquet, organized by the magnanimous class of 2015 under the meticulous supervision of Mr. Thomas and Ms. Whiting, was indeed “An Affair to Remember.”

DSC_0036The dashing and finely attired Junior and Senior “Men of Distinction” took their seats in front of the “Cinderella” decorated Kimbrough Hall. With roses and corsages in hand, the handsome princes waited with bated breath for the announcement of the names of their lovely and exquisitely arrayed ladies in waiting.

Mr. Jason McCracken, with his radio announcer voice, added to the already charged atmosphere where parents and underclassmen acknowledged the entrance of each young lady.  The dresses were beautiful, the formal gowns elegant, and each young lady captured the beauty of the presence and personage of a true princess.  At the announcement of names, escorts and their dates made their way to a modern day replica of a Cinderella horse drawn carriage for a “magical ride.”

carriageThe banquet was replete with tender and beautiful moments as the various songs and performances delicately painted a fairytale atmosphere.  We even had our own “Fairy Godmother” Mrs. Judy Dent who continuously waved her “magic wand” to keep the atmosphere beautiful and enjoyable.

The highlight of the evening was a showcase of poise, beauty, and finesse as six couples participated in a Debutante Escorting Competition. Each couple performed choreographed routine to selected instrumental music complemented with bows/curtsies and seating of the ladies in front of a panel of judges. The graceful and tasteful demonstration of refinement and polish were well-received by students and adults alike.

DSC_0057After a long deliberation, the results were: third runner-up, Mr. Cleavon Davis & Miss Nina Danley (each a recipient of a $100 cash prize); second Runner-up Mr. Robert Rucker & Miss Alexis Whiting (each a recipient of a $150 cash prize); and The 2013-2014 King & Queen Title went to Mr. Terry Williams & Miss Tyana Burke (each a recipient of a $250 cash prize).

As in the fairytale, the wonderful and “magical” evening came to an end at the stroke of the clock- but all those in attendance agreed, it was “An Affair To Remember.”

Written by Delmas F. Campbell

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  1. What an awesome program for Robert to have been a part of ….we are so proud of him. I wish I could have been there…looks like it was a lot of fun. KUDOS to all the organizers who made this event a success for all the students. Will there be a repeat for next year????? To God be the Glory, thank you for a great Adventist School.

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