Your Blood – Their Hope!

Each year the students of Pine Forge Academy partner with the Miller Keystone Blood Center in their annual blood drive. This year, Carol Graves, representative from Miller Keystone, came and shared with the student body the life-saving importance of donating blood. Students were visibly moved after viewing a true life story of a blood recipient meeting with some of the donors who literally saved her life during a life-threatening surgery.

blood-drive(armondi)A total of 27 students responded to the call to donate blood while expressing their sincere gratitude for the opportunity to give the “Gift of Life” on December 2, 2013. According to the center’s calculation, the sum total of the amount of blood donated has the potential of saving over forty-eight lives. Our school nurse, Audrey Booker, working along with Noreena Ogidan, Senior class President, Curlisa Henry, senior class Vice-President, Kristen Johny, senior class Secretary, Frederick Brun, Justin Thornton and Erin Blount coordinated the 2013-2014 blood drive.  Pictured above is Armondi Stokes-Hicks, President of the United Student Movement, and pictured below are two of his fellow seniors, Reginald Holmes and Andre Ellis.


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