Lisa Marshall
Dean of Young Women

Lisa Marshall serves as Head Dean of Kimbrough Hall, residence for young ladies. She has served for  26 years as a Christian educator and administrator in Adventist Education. Her tenure includes positions as a vice principal, lead teacher, reading specialist, and teacher mentor. Prior to coming to Pine Forge Academy, Dean Marshall served at Dupont Park School in Washington D.C.

In 2015, Ms. Marshall accepted the call to join the team at Pine Forge Academy Ms. Marshall’s educational background, professional positions, and experience as a mother have prepared her to provide the essential training, nurturing, and mentoring that young women need to meet educational, social, and spiritual goals.  Ms. Marshall’s passion and commitment will allow her to maintain a culture that promotes holistic development, while preparing Christian young women on their journey to excellence.

Beyond her primary role as Head Dean of Kimbrough Hall, Dean Marshall also serves as a member of the Administrative Council, Admissions Board, Deans Council, Lyceum, Graduation, and Social Activities committee.

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