O’shayne Rankine

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O’Shayne Rankine is a Northern Caribbean University Alumnus, who hails from Manchester, Jamaica, and serves as Mathematics Teacher.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Actuarial Science from Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica.

Prior to coming to Pine Forge Academy, O’Shayne worked with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica as a Mathematics Specialist, and also as a Mathematics Teacher at the Victor Dixon High School in Jamaica. While working as a Mathematics teacher, O’Shayne worked closely with young people, helping to prepare them for their external examinations, as well as motivating and mentoring them to become better individuals. He is an active member of the Waltham Seventh–Day Adventist Church, where he works closely with the youth department to put programs in place to help the youth stay involved. He is also a member of the youth choir, and sings on many groups.

He is a young, motivated, talented, spiritual and God-fearing mathematician. “I live my life by many philosophies, however first and foremost, God is my rock. I am a firm believer in practical Christianity, one fueled by love. I enjoy working with young people, and I relish any opportunity given for me to do so.”

It was long before attending College that O’Shayne developed a passion for mathematics. This passion was obtained while attending a Seventh Day Adventist preparatory school (West Indies College Preparatory School), where he received the best education possible. It was Christ-centered and highly academic, where he was taught all concepts from first principle. This helped to develop his passion for mathematics.

O’shayne is a product of Seventh Day Adventist Education, and is a firm believer in the tripartite relationship between the home, the school, and the church. He truly believes that this is what helped him grow spiritually and academically, and is what inspires him to give back and help provide the same.

In addition to loving mathematics, O’Shayne loves sports, music, worship, and simply just smiling.

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