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Life at PFA

Life at PFA provides a unique experience, unlike conventional schooling. Students benefit from outstanding education in a thriving community of like-minded peers, passionate teachers, and autonomy based on Christian principles. Students who attend PFA are more prepared for the workload and self-discipline required in college increasing their chances of success.

Social Events

The Academy calendar is filled with a variety of activities and social events ranging from trips to the mall, amusement parks, botanical gardens, bowling, skating, and seeing professional basketball games. Our formal affairs include the Christmas and Sweetheart Banquets alternately planned by the dormitories as well as the Junior-Senior Banquet planned by the junior class.

Four Teenage Girls Sitting on a Bench and Talking in Front of an Academic Building

Leadership Development

Three Students Talking Over a Science Lab Experiment

The Academy is committed to broadening each student’s horizons as they develop into mature, independent young adults. Our mission is to provide a variety of programs and activities that will encourage our students to assume various leadership roles and positions as they serve as role models to their peers and cooperate with the Administration in the governance of the Academy.

Community Service

The purpose of Community Service is to nurture a Christ-like spirit through unselfish acts of kindness, thereby heightening each student’s moral and Christian obligation to help the less fortunate. Pine Forge Academy students are required to perform a minimum of 25 hours of community service each year they are enrolled at the Academy.

Students Walking to Class Building at Pine Forge Academy

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Church Service with Teenagers Singing on Stage

Under the leadership of the school chaplain, the Office of Spiritual Life provides weekly services structured to meet the spiritual needs of our students. In addition to the events coordinated by the Office of Spiritual Life, each dormitory also provides daily worship for the students.

Student Organizations

Pine Forge Dance Club
Dormitory Club
SPARKS (School Newspaper)
FLAME (School Yearbook)
National Honors Society
United Student Movement
Stomptricity (Step Team)


Music Teacher Teaching from a Piano

We are performers and artists. We understand there are many avenues to expression, including the performing arts. Our curriculum includes our Creative Arts Drama Ministry and our world-renowned Pine Forge Academy Choir.

Teenage Boys Playing Basketball

We are athletes. Interscholastic sports is a key component of our diverse extracurricular program. An active member of the Penn-Jersey Athletic League, we offer soccer, basketball, tennis, track, volleyball and golf.

Students Talking Over a Chemistry Lab Experiment

We are engineers. Fostering creative thinking and innovation in each student, Pine Forge Academy offers a robust Robotics and Mathematics curriculum and STEM Club.

Residence Halls
A large number of our students live on campus. Each residence hall is a place where you can unwind, study, talk to friends, listen to music, play games, wash laundry, find time to be by yourself or take time to repose in spiritual reflection. In other words, it is your home away from home.

The residence halls are also the place where lifelong friendships are forged. Living with fellow classmates from a wide variety of backgrounds, talents and interests makes the dorm “a learning lab” — a place where the appreciation of new people, new things and new ideas harmoniously reside. The trained resident dean and assistant deans are available for counseling, advising, organizing events, and communicating student needs to the Administration.
Kimbrough Hall
Named in honor of the late Dr. Grace Kimbrough, Kimbrough Hall was built in the early 1960s and was designated as the young ladies’ new residence hall. It has enough space to house 76 young ladies and features several specialty rooms, including a large multi-purpose room, two exercise rooms, and a laundry room. In addition to the dean apartments, the dormitory also has a guest room.

Head Dean: Linda Anderson
Assistant Dean: Renae Chambers
Phone: 610-326-8717

Dorm Room 1 360 View

Dorm Room 2 360 View

Fitness Room 360 View

Hair Salon

Handy Hall
Named in honor of the late Robert L. Handy, Handy Hall was built in the early 1970s and was designated as the young men’s new residence hall. It has enough space to house 92 young men and features several specialty rooms, including a recreation room, chapel, exercise room, and a laundry room. In addition to the dean apartments, the dormitory also has a guest room.

Head Dean: Ashawn Crichlow
Assistant Dean: Auldwin Johnson
Phone: 610-686-8804

Dorm Room 1 360 View

Bathroom 1 360 View

Bathroom 2 360 View


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Explore PFA

What kind of school is PFA?
PFA is a co-educational (that means we have male and female students), Christian high school for boarding and day students. We are owned and operated by the Alleghany East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. We are part of a global network of Seventh-day Adventist schools, which includes nearly 150 countries, 85,000 teachers, 1.5 million students, and 7,500 schools around the world. You can find out more about the Seventh-day Adventist Church and commitment to education here. You can learn more about us here.
Where is PFA located?
PFA is located at 361 Pine Forge Road in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania 19548. Its beautiful campus resides on a 50-acre property purchased for $46,000 from the family of Thomas Rutter, an abolitionist iron miller in 1946. The facility includes two academic buildings, Wagner and North Halls; two dormitories, Kimbrough (female) and Handy (male) Halls; and a STEM Laboratory that is next door to the gymnasium.
Is PFA an accredited school?
How much does it cost to attend PFA?
Find out how much it would cost for your student to attend here.
Does PFA offer a competitive academic experience?
Students who complete their scholastic career at PFA have successfully matriculated through a rigorous program of study. They have enjoyed a holistic academic experience that has included emphasis on their mental, physical, and spiritual development. Graduates of PFA are prepared to leaders ready to go forth and service God and mankind; ready to make their mark on the world! PFA is proud that:
  • Students enjoy a 1:8 teacher-student ratio.
  • 100% of its 12th graders graduate.
  • 95% of the student body pass ALL classes
  • 80% of seniors graduate with a college preparatory diploma
  • 100% of PFA graduates are accepted into one or more colleges
  • It is a member of the College Board and ACT, Inc.
What kind of curriculum does PFA offer?

PFA offers advanced courses in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, History, Fine Arts, and Foreign Language (i.e., Spanish). Extracurricular activities include Clubs (i.e., Chess, Debate, Poetry, Directing, Art, and Coding), Accounting Minority Introduction to Health Sciences (MITHS)—an articulation agreement with Loma Linda University, Physics, Website Design, Advanced Placement Courses, and Prep Classes for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Find out more about academics at PFA here.

Have any famous people attended PFA?
  • Rear Admiral Barry C. Black (Ret.), 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate, ’66
  • Clifton D. Davis, actor, singer, songwriter, minister, and author, ‘63
  • John F. Street, 97th Mayor of the City of Philadelphia
  • Joel Kibble
  • John Stoddart
Visit our alumni page to learn more.
What kind of sports are offered at PFA?

We offer seasonal athletic programs in cross-country, track & field (co-ed), soccer (co-ed), varsity & junior varsity basketball (male and female), volleyball, and badminton. We are members of the Penn/Jersey League. Learn more about our athletics program here.

Teenage Boys Playing Basketball
Are pets welcomed in the dorms?

Fish and small reptiles may be welcomed. Hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs have been known to grace the campus. However, students need to get permission before coming to campus. The Academy has hosted Mental Health Days where animals such as goats, horses, dogs, and cats were special visitors for the day—used to encourage and uplift the students.

What kinds of things are there to do at PFA?
Students at PFA get involved in all sorts of activities. Most of our students enjoy music and sports programs. Some students enjoy basketball. Many of our students are also involved with student government or community service projects. Students at PFA tend to be very active and talented, so there is no shortage of athletes, musicians, artists, and leaders on campus.

Students attend and sometimes host spiritual activities such as “Singspiration”, Weeks of Prayer, Bible Study sessions, the “Praise Café”, weekly Prayer Meeting, the “Friday Night Forum”, and weekly recognition of the 7th day Sabbath that includes a variety of worship services on Saturdays.

PFA also enjoys special traditions like Senior Banquets and Presentations, Bowling, Ice Skating, Game Nights, Mission Trips, fall and spring dorm weekends, are among other campus activities.
What type of food is served in the cafeteria?

Our cafe is 100% vegetarian, but the food served will be recognizable to anyone. It’s not strange; it’s very fresh and tasty!

How does PFA engage its parents?
The parents of students at PFA support the school through the Parents’ Association (PFAPA) a volunteer organization comprised of parents or guardians of current PFA students. The purpose of the PFAPA is to promote PFA and support its principal, staff, and Board of Trustees to bridge the gap between home and school. The PFAPA promotes specific projects and coordinates activities for the benefit of the Academy and its students.

Learn more about our parents here.