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Our Philosophy

Our foundation embraces a philosophy of peerless education and Christian morale. We aim to honor the remarkable history of the Academy by developing world-class leaders. Through our inclusive culture and nurturing environment, we provide the leadership necessary for graduates to pursue fulfilling careers confidently.

Our Faith

The fundamentals of our faith comprise the core beliefs of Pine Forge Academy and the doctrines identified to us in the Bible. As a leading Seventh-day Adventist school, we are committed to a Christian-based curriculum. We integrate the word of God and scripture into our academic teachings. As students continue their journey, we intend to foster a love for the Bible they will carry with them for a lifetime.

We believe students will become vital community members through our teachings and pass on their guidance to the next generation. Our Christian practices include Singspiration, bible studies, prayers, Friday night forums, and Sabbath worship services. We want students in the youth congregation to learn more about themselves and their place as the Lord’s disciples. Ideally, students learn to act as authoritative figures in leadership roles and faithfully navigate their futures.

Spiritual Life on Campus

Students Singing at a Church Service


A vesper musical service of praise and worship consisting primarily of congregational singing, instrumentals, student groups and solos.

Students Praying at a Church Service

Weeks of Prayer

A week of spiritual emphasis (one during the Fall and one in the Spring) with daily services featuring a guest speaker who aims to bring the students into a deeper spiritual practice and to consider baptism.

Speaker Teaching at a Church Services

Bible Study Classes

Bible lessons emphasizing Adventist Christian beliefs and practice. This also serves as formal preparation for baptism.

Dancers at a Church Service

Prayer Meeting

Wednesday night service of singing, testimonies, small groups, teaching, prayers and a brief devotional.

Church Service

Friday Night Forum

A vesper service to acknowledge the start of Sabbath and to foreground youth issues.

Church Service With Singers

Sabbath Worship Services

The primary worship experience of the week featuring youth involvement, spirited music and preaching.

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